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Wood chip is one of my favourite garden materials to work with! Wood chips are both practical and attractive when paired with vivid green plants. The Mulch and Wood Co will assist you in locating and purchasing the best wood chip for your garden.

Nothing works as well as a fresh coating of mulch, wood chips mulch, or stones when it comes to adding a wow element to your garden or home’s exteriors. In addition to providing your plants and property with a more refined and defined appearance, each of these materials helps to decrease water loss and erosion while also improving the soil nutrition level in your lawn and garden.

However, the effectiveness of each substance to encourage plant growth, suppress weeds, or reduce soil compaction may vary slightly. You may need to consider their cost, durability, and upkeep concerns while deciding what works best for your yard. The Mulch and Wood Co make sure you get the best quality and application service for every reason.

Instead of using hazardous chemicals that deplete the soil and cause soil loss, wood chips will restore your soil and renew natural life in the soil. Back to Eden Gardening uses 90 per cent of needles, leaves, and branches chipped from trees cutting trash in their wood chips mulch. It’s vital to understand that the leaves provide nitrogen while the branches provide carbon. When the wood chips for the garden have composted, this ratio produces a perfect mulch gardening material.

Wood chip mulch can be used in a variety of ways in the garden. It has a natural texture that helps plants stand out and eliminates weeds, among other things. Wood chip garden mulch can be purchased in bags at nurseries or in bulk at garden centres as a by-product of an arborist’s work. Whatever method you use to obtain it is a useful addition to any ornamental or garden.

We Provide the Best Wood Chips:

Because we care about you and your garden, The Mulch and Wood Co will go the extra mile to supply you with the best quality wood chip and mulch. Our experienced staff will help provide you guidance with wood chip mulch so that everything is done correctly, such as how it can help protect soil and plant roots as a ground cover. Mulching is also used to keep weeds at bay and produce a tidy appearance in walkways and between pavers. Mulching has numerous advantages, including:

  • adjusting the temperature of the soil
  • boosting soil fertility while decreasing erosion
  • soil structure improvement
  • preventing pests and disease by retaining moisture

These are a by-product of the timber industry that is usually easily available and make effective mulch due to their immense size and lack of weeds and pesticides. If you acquire them from a local tree feller, they will contain a wide range of sizes. It’s best to get them size-graded from a garden centre. They decompose slowly, but they do so by absorbing nitrogen from the soil.

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Buy In Bulk:

The only problem was that it only wanted to sell massive amounts all at once. This is because controlling the flow of wood chips for gardens while pouring it was quite difficult. I started with 350 cubic feet (10 cubic metres) and a tractor from a buddy. To solve the problem, The Mulch and Wood Co is at your disposal, so you can relax and enjoy yourself while we take care of the rest.

Our Story

As a Peninsula owned and operated family business, we pride ourselves on quality of service, offering sound and friendly advice on all size projects.  We are renowned for our prompt delivery. Our soil is second to none. We screen on-site using our state of the art soil screen. 


Our Product Range

Quality Aged Mulch ​

$30 per c/m

It is ideal to use on the entire garden including vegetable gardens and will assist in water and nutrient retention as well as in the suppression of weeds. Mulch can reduce water evaporation when used as directed, under normal weather conditions.

Is It Safe?

People occasionally tell me that I shouldn’t use wood chips in my garden because they are dangerous. The Mulch and Wood Co will not only answer but show you that it’s best for your garden because Wood chips are a naturally occurring substance that decomposes over time. Furthermore, the phenol and other chemicals in the bark do not affect the growth of the plant. When plants fail to grow in wood chips or bark, it is almost always due to a nitrogen deficiency. But I’m only covering the paths with wood chips, not the beds. I do it with integrity, and I enjoy the fact that I can use materials from our local forests in my garden.

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Want to get the best and useful wood chip? You are at the right place. The Mulch and Wood Co utmost responsibility to serve the best work and make our customers satisfied.


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