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The best wholesale garden supplies found on the Mornington Peninsula

Mulch & Wood Wholesaler

Are you looking for someone to give your garden a spick and span look? The Mulch and Wood Co garden mulch is at your service. Our skill and professional tree care team has mastered the best mulch for garden and general care of wood chip mulch. They dedicate their hard work to provide you with the best garden mulching in Melbourne, offering the fastest mulch delivery too.

The Mulch and Wood Co, with our knowledgeable staff, will walk you through your options so you can get the most out of your mulching efforts. Correctly mulching your garden not only saves you time and money on weeding and watering, but it also gives your garden beds that “finished” look. Mulch is used for a variety of reasons in the garden, so it’s critical to select the right mulch for your needs.

We have commercial-grade products for the everyday homeowner and professional landscape companies! Open daily, Monday – Saturday offering many different types of landscaping materials. Save up to 50% on products you would find at your local big-box retailers. . . See our products page to learn more!

It is commonly used for garden paths, mulching tree basins, and large non-landscaped areas such as roadway medians and rights of way.

Here at The Mulch and Wood co, it is our desire to provide high quality products at an affordable but fair price.

Don’t have access to transport for your load? We offer free delivery on any order within a 10km radius of the depot. Further delivery options available. 


Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your garden. It will reduce water loss from the soil, resulting in less time watering your garden and will allow you to keep more nutrients in the soil.

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It is ideal to use on the entire garden including vegetable gardens and will assist in water and nutrient retention as well as in the suppression of weeds.
Mulch can reduce water evaporation when used as directed, under normal weather conditions.


This firewood is harvested as a direct result of the projects that Mechanical Vegetation Services (the parent company of Firewood Solutions) undertakes and is contracted to complete, ensuring the use of these resources that would otherwise be wasted.

$19.99 per c/m

It is ideal to use on the entire garden including vegetable gardens and will assist in water and nutrient retention as well as in the suppression of weeds.
Mulch can reduce water evaporation when used as directed, under normal weather conditions.

$24.99 per c/m

A by-product of the timber industry, this fine, shredded Eucalyptus mulch perfect for native and all general landscape gardens. It is a fine decorative garden mulch that retains moisture and reduces weeds.

$29.99 per c/m

This mulch is suitable for a huge range of garden types. Light in colour, long lasting and very attractive, Envirozone Euchi Mulch is fantastic for weed suppression, water retention and soil improvement.

Factors to Consider Us:

There are several aspects to consider when deciding to add garden mulch. 

Mulch is frequently associated with its ability to aid soil moisture retention during particularly hot times of the year when mulch creates strong roots that can assist lawns and plants in withstand periods of intense heat.

At The Mulch and Wood Co, when dealing with garden mulch and wood chips in Melbourne, we believe in maximizing convenience, from selecting the correct mulch to putting it out over the soil in the most efficient manner possible. As a result, we offer our valued Melbourne consumers a choice of mulch services. Everything from hiring a mulch blowing vehicle to our quick and easy mulch spray services will be available to you. Please get in touch with our staff as soon as possible.

When opting to add our best mulch for garden, there are various factors to consider, including the type of mulch you’ll use, the amount you’ll need, whether you’ll pick it up or have it delivered, and how you’ll spread it out.


The Mulch and Wood Co recommends wood chip mulch are placed as winter protection and should not be spread too early in the fall since this will cause the soil to freeze more slowly.


Our team recommends mulch with a medium texture. Fine particles can pack together and hold moisture that might otherwise evaporate before reaching the plant’s roots.


When leaves and other plant components degrade, humus forms as an organic component of the soil, organic mulches offer nutrients to the soil as they decay and generate humus. Organic mulch that has been composted or treated to kill weeds and insects before being applied.


With your mulch delivery, the application of the mulch must be made correctly, and this is where our crew excels. Excessive application can lead to deterioration and make lawns and plants more disease prone. Our crew ensures that the best garden mulch is provided with proper application. Applying a dense layer of fine mulch will trap a lot of water that will never benefit plant roots. If such mulches remain damp for an extended period of time, they can decay and spread disease. They also cut down on airflow.

The thicker the mulch can be applied, the chunkier it is. Chunky mulches can be utilised up to a depth of 60–75 mm without obstructing rain and irrigation. Mix 2mm or smaller fine-particle mulch with chunkier mulch with particle size more than 5mm if using fine-particle mulch.

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Why Us?

From start to finish, The Mulch and Wood Co ensures professional service. We are dedicated to offering exceptional service. From the initial inquiry to the final cleanup, we will make every effort to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied.

A wide selection of products.

The Mulch and Wood Co is equipped with high-quality machines and utensils. We provide all the services with the best quality products and professional applications. Pine Bark, Softfall, Recycled Timber Mulch, Color Mulch, Soil, Rock, and other materials are made in-house and stored on concrete.

Employees and equipment with deep expertise.

For the greatest garden mulch and wood chipping, The Mulch and Wood Co has the best crew. Our equipment is serviced and maintained regularly, and our employees are trained to focus on task precision and customer service.

We serve everyone!

Yes, The Mulch and Wood Co is well-known for keeping a pleasant environment in any setting. Commercial, civil, school, and government projects and private residential homes are all sectors of landscaping and building that we complete.



The Mulch and Wood Co garden mulch and wood chipping are famous for their great work and reliability. It is available anywhere in Melbourne, and what we make sure and why to give us a chance is listed down.

  1. Mulching with The Mulch and Wood Co helps to retain moisture in the soil and keeps plants from drying out too rapidly.
  2. It helps to prevent soil erosion and compaction.
  3. It creates a barrier between the heat and the cold, allowing for appropriate soil temperatures to be maintained.
  4. When it decomposes, it promotes soil nutrition, therefore boosting soil nutrition. As a result, there is better drainage and nutrient utilisation.
  5. It helps prevent weeds from robbing nutrients from your plants (and let’s face it, weeds are unsightly and unwelcome).
  6. It aids in the prevention of freeze damage and frost heave in shallow-rooted plants.


the best wholesale garden supplies found on the
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